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An application Integration solution to communicate multiple legacy systems keeping them independent of each other, with new interfaces and from the cloud and mobile devices.

Babel is able for extract and transform data load to achive the application integration, creating new services and speeding up the business process in order to deliver inmmediate value to customers and partners.


e-Time Selling

E-Time Selling

Platform for distribution chains that allows a complete management of selling of digital services, using multiple mobile devices (from low range phones to smartphones). It is compatible with SMS, USSD, IVR, WAP, WEB and Apps in order to create a payment infraestructure for everybody.

Smart Redeem

Smart Redeem

A support tool for loyalty cards, coupons or any phisical media by replacing a system for mobiles using text messages on low range devices and an app on spartphones.

This platform provides support for:

  • Using a digital wallet for online shopping.
  • Personalized campaigns for consumption points (redemption).
  • Creating consumption reports per store, POS or customer.
  • Using a data warehouse with consumption habits per user.


An enterprise collaboration tool for building corporate social networks that allow take from an informal chat to a formal structured workflow.

Advantages of using a corporate social network: